While Four Oaks was out of power for more time than we could believe, all in all, we faired quite well in comparison to other associations in close proximity. A general grounds cleanup was performed, including the removal of a few downed trees, which fortunately did not hit any building. Due to shingles being seen on the grounds during an inspection, all roofs were inspected, and there were a few places were shingles and roofing moisture barrier were blown off, for which repair was done immediately. There were a few furnace caps dislodged, and some loose or missing shingles, all of which were replaced in short order.

The siding at a number of units was torn off by the wind, and has not been replaced in all areas. Why? The original siding is no longer manufactured, and we have exhausted purchasing odd lots. Tar paper/Tyvek is the moisture barrier for buildings. Siding, in and of itself is a cosmetic finish. In efforts to replace siding in the fronts of units and where a change of color would be very noticeable by applying a different brand, the board has decided to remove siding from areas of buildings where it will not be noticeable, so as to use pieces of the old siding to make the front/visible repairs. But siding becomes brittle with age, especially in cold temperatures, so it will be wise to wait until spring to complete the few odd areas that need replacement.

Replacing entire sides of buildings would be extremely costly, so this hopeful remedy will be effective. Most of all, while inconvenienced, we were safe. As time goes on, and we return to our normal routines and the memory fades, we need only look elsewhere in our state to realize the potential issues we could all be facing here at Four Oaks.