February Meeting minutes are now available – Monthly Meeting Minutes, February 4, 2015 ,

and the latest Four Oaks Flyer can be downloaded here, with information on Balcony Replacements, Fire/Vent Inspections, and more!

Time to put away winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, scarves! Finally! I’m sure tired of Old Man Winter, and I am sure, so are you. Heck, even the snowmen are ready for some rest.

The winter months were consistently wet and icy, and we need to be very grateful for the continued excellent services of DeFeo’s in keeping the site clear and safe. As the snow melts, there may be some cold nights when there could be some icing, so please exercise caution and make use of the ice melt left at your garages. While we are tired of white pavement, and dirty cars, we are a short time away from April showers, and we want you to be safe. Thank you for helping us to help you by using up that salt!!