LP Propane Grills and Tanks: While these grills may be convenient, they present a potential fire, explosion, and life safety risk for residents and firefighters alike. According to the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code NJ5: 70-3.2 Section F-4024, the rules regarding the use of a propane barbeque grill in a condominium are as follows:

Portable LP gas cooking equipment, such as a barbecue grill, shall not be stored or used:

1.       On any porch, balcony, or any other portion of a building

2.       Within any room or space of a building

3.       Within five feet of any combustible exterior wall, railing, fence or material

4.       Within five feet, vertically or horizontally, of an opening in any wall, or

5.       Under any building overhang.

The Township has the right to perform inspections at any time to enforce the code. Any fines for non-compliance levied against the Association by the Township will be assessed to the unit that is found to be out of compliance.

Charcoal Grills and open flame (fire pits) are strictly prohibited: As mentioned above, the Uniform Fire Code strictly prohibits use.

Electric Grills: Recommended are electric grills which must be used away from and structure.