Dear Owners/Residents:

Please be advised that scheduled for Monday, November 24, 2014 is the roof replacement for your entire building. (weather pending)

Anthony Giuliano Contracting will be on site to perform the work. This should be of no imposition to you, however we do always suggest that you be sure that any wall art or delicate shelved collectibles be secured or removed.

There will be noise; there will be banging, and there could be a little vibration.  Old shingle “grit” does fall around the building. The workers do their best to clean up.

As we prepare for the inclement weather season ahead, the new roof will abate any water infiltration due to the worn out roof shingles and components which are at the end of their useful life.

Kindly also note, that the ice damming issues that cause water infiltration are a unique issue for ALL roofs everywhere (but for tin). Even a new roof cannot fully guarantee what Old Man Winter’s weather fury might be. Roofs are “protective coverings” to structures and may not always be 100% waterproof in extreme conditions including driving rains.

 Thanks for your cooperation!