We want all of our residents to know that landscaping services, enhancements and projects are not on hold, nor are we planning to discontinue maintaining our property or your unit’s limited common area. The Board has a well thought out program for landscaping. We have authorized a revision of the sprinkler system and we are in the process of a very deliberate landscaping plan. Moving forward we will be removing trees and shrubbery that will be replaced with vegetation more appropriate for the surroundings. Due to the age of our property, much of our landscaping has become old and tired. We again remind everyone that the developer’s plan was not done for posterity, but for instant sales. Specimens were over planted and poorly chosen, and require special treatment.

We will not have a manicured perfect setting, but rather a more natural landscaping plan that is conducive to a sustainable environment. All residents are very passionate about “their” landscaping. We are all ears to those who would like to make suggestions for their areas and the areas of others.

The Board has a tremendous business undertaking and fiduciary responsibility that is taken very seriously. We spend every excess dollar in our budget on landscaping and drainage issues. This area of concern is a continual work in progress.