Four Oaks has approved a 2 year contract with High Tech Landscaping for Landscape and Irrigation Services. Please note that they will on site shortly to commence a very much needed clean up. The winter debris, dirt and damages are yet to be totally realized, but it will be great to be rid of leaves, limbs, and rubbish. Please welcome them, and remember: No worker may be instructed by any owner or resident.

The Board will conduct a full walk through with our new site supervisor Ray England. A list will be created of necessary work and we will welcome his expertise in helping us to identify ways to deal with those soggy or eroding areas. We ask that you keep in mind the fact that we are limited with the dollars we can spend in our 2014 budget, which is quite stressed due to snow budget overages.

As the season goes on, if you have specific work orders, kindly contact Kim at Taylor Management 732-764-1001, or .