No planting but for annual flowers is allowed without a PMF (Property Modification Form) approved by the Board.

To reiterate former communications, the Association will be concentrating on the areas visible from the roadway this year.

There is a lot of dead matter, including shrubs, due to the extended cold temperatures experienced this past winter. (February was the 3rd Coldest on record) We are removing it
as it is unsightly. Plans are being made for autumn planting of suitable replacements where necessary.

We do NOT have location specific choices yet, so please be patient. With the help of High Tech, an approved planting list is being created for which owners will be able to choose. The policy in place already relays that any landscaping changes must be approved. We are looking to establish a relationship with our contractor, that will possibly enable owners to have enhancement work done by them, with the agreed upon cost added to owner account ledgers.

So, in the interim, please plant your annuals. Soon the irrigation will be on…so much earlier than hoped due to onset summer temperatures with dry conditions. Our contractors are “dancing as fast as they can”. It’s a very busy, busy year for them after a very busy winter season of plowing. We, and they, appreciate your understanding with working with each of us.

If you need a PMF, please click here.