The Board and Management have spent much time to make the right decisions regarding your Landscaping. We take into consideration all unit owners who have been making special requests. It is normal that owners notice and are most interested in the surroundings of their own units. Requests are made for new or different plants than the ones that are there, or not there. In some instances, the Board agrees with owners, but their hands are tied by finances. There are expensive projects coming up in the next few years such as roofs, decks, and others which take years of consistent financial planning and funding that cannot be compromised. Due to this most important need, plantings cannot be a priority at this time.

The new Landscaping Company Regional Supervisor along with the board landscaping liaison have walked the property a few times, as have other board members. The latest walk through concentrated on the street view and keeping curb appeal attractive. But even these limited changes are expensive. There will be another walk through which will concentrate on less visible areas, however, the results will be noted as only a “wish list”.

High Tech has been instructed to remove all dead matter, which, should help in removing a shabby appearance, but planting of all things removed is simply not able to be done due to budgeted financial constraints.

The Board has listened to complaints and frankly has had to endure verbal abuse from individual owners who do not realize that the Trustees work very hard to keep down expenses while doing as much as possible maintain a good appearance at Four Oaks. The budget and the property were hit hard this past winter.

Additionally, please be reminded that the common area plantings are not decided by individuals, but need to conform to an overall plan, for which we depend on our landscaping company to make recommendations based on their expertise. All plantings are required to be approved by the Board.

No one needs be reminded of the very reasonable owner fees that Four Oaks, unlike many other communities, have. The snow assessment, only for snow, was the first assessment ever for the Association. This is thanks to very good financial practices that followed by your Board of Volunteers.

Please be patient. The community is aging. Landscaping is NOT a reserve item, and therefore comes out of operating costs. It is operating costs that are the foundation of your budget and your fees. More plantings mean larger line items. Bottom line: cost increases to fund them.

Thank you for being neighbors who are grateful and understanding.

Valerie Whyte,
Taylor Management
On Behalf of the Board of Trustees.