The Board was faced with a decision late this spring regarding the startup and repairs for our irrigation system. Sometimes, monetary scrutiny calls for a choice that may not always be popular, but is a fiduciary responsibility. Our irrigation system, like that of other developer installed work is a poor design at best, and doesn’t cover many areas of our community. Coupled with the fact that there are many areas that are consistently wet, drainage issues that are directly impacted by the sprinkler zones, and the cost and efficiency of the system, the decision was made not to spend money on the repairs this year, and opt for a conservation of unnecessary use of water. While there are areas of the lawns that look brown, it will come back, as this is the natural habit of grass. It is noticeable in areas that there are some shrubs that may have died, and some trees that are in distress. The irrigation system is not designed to water these areas sufficiently. At a ratio of 1 inch per hour of watering, the water barely gets down to the root level of the grass. While it is probable that we may need to seed some areas, and replace some specimens, our overall long term landscaping plan is able to attend to the needs where required. If you choose to help out, as would be necessary even if the sprinklers were on, to water your landscaping beds when possible we thank you.


Your Four Oaks representatives on the HVNMA board are: Carol Guttschall, Treasurer; and Tim Bradshaw, Trustee.
We thank you for sending in your ballots and turning out in numbers to attend the very long election meeting, and encourage your participation and attendance in representing your thoughts, ideas, and comments. A productive Association is made up of concerned and knowledgeable owners, and we appreciate you!


The installation of 4 dog stations has already improved the pet waste issues that plaque many areas of our property. Knowing that Four Oaks is a popular and assessable place for dog walkers coming from other associations, we have been able to curtail “poopy patrol” and hope that you are pleased with the success of this addition to our community that is of benefit to our pet owners.