To:       Four Oaks Condominium Association
From:   Taylor Management

The Pavement Improvement Project is scheduled to commence on or about Monday, June 20, 2011. The project will consist of storm drain repairs, curb repairs and replacements, and finally repair and paving of the main roads. The start date and progression of work is weather dependant and subject to change. It is anticipated that the project will take approximately forty-five (45) days to complete. The contractor, Renda Roads, is scheduled to begin the storm drain repair on Monday, June 20, 2011. This work is anticipated to take one (1) week to complete.

Following the drainage repair work, the contractor will then proceed to replace select areas of curbing. Following completion of concrete improvements, the contractor will go on to perform improvements to roadways throughout the community, except for Artillery Park Road, which is the Master Association’s responsibility. The final phase consists of milling, repairing, overlaying, and line striping the roadways, and driveway areas on Artillery Park Road.

Paving Sequence: (See Reverse Side for Drawing) 1A,B,C – Heatherwood; 2 – Teal; 3A,B – Four Oaks Rd.; 4 – Oak Knoll; Last: Artillery Park driveway areas.

Notices will be posted on your front door twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of work. You must remove your vehicle(s) from your garage and roadway by 7AM the morning of commencement of the work at your location. Once work has begun on the roadway, vehicular traffic will not be permitted back into the roadway for a minimum of 24 hours. Once the asphalt has adequately cured barricades and/or caution tape restricting access to the roadway and driveways will be removed. During construction, access to individual units will be limited to foot traffic. You may park your vehicles on the street. Residents are urged to adhere to the parking signs throughout the community. Please do not park in the street in locations where work is being performed as equipment will be moving in and out of the roadways throughout the community. Access to the affected areas during work hours listed above will be permitted on an emergency basis as required.

As mentioned above, you will be able to access your unit at all times via the courtyard and walkway areas (if applicable). Please contact our office as soon as possible if you have any specials needs so we may assist or alter schedules (i.e. moving furniture in or out that day, handicapped, etc.)

Please use caution when driving in and out of the community during this construction. Traffic cones will delineate areas in the roadways that may be needed to stockpile equipment and materials. Please note that there may be abrupt grade changes from the sidewalk area into your roadway and trip hazards will exist. The contractor will mark these areas with paint, caution tape, and/or traffic cones: however, THIS IS A CONSTRUCTION PROJECT AND HAZARDS AND INCONVENIENCES WILL EXIST!!! Please use caution entering and exiting your courtyard as well as walking to and from your home and vehicles. Please ask for assistance if needed.

Please note that the Association towing contractor will be on call to remove any remaining vehicles from the roadways that are scheduled by 7AM each morning. All towing charges will be the responsibility of the owner. Should weather cause a cancellation of work for any day(s), the schedule will be altered by one day (i.e. Monday’s schedule will become Tuesday’s schedule etc.) Please check your front door for additional notices or contact our office. (732-764-1001)

We offer the following additional information with regard to the new pavement that will be installed:

1)      Try to avoid making sharp turns when driving into and out of your courtyard. The grinding of tires, especially in the sun, will tend to scar the pavement surface. Please be aware, however, that any scarring that does occur is superficial and will not affect the integrity of the pavement. Avoiding the tire grinding will lessen the likelihood of this occurrence.

2)      Please pay special attention to cleaning or removing shoes when entering your home. The pavement oils and asphalt material will tend to “stick” to shoes for a period of time during the curing process and can stain floors and/or carpeting.

We wish to thank you again for you anticipated cooperation in removing your vehicles from the designated areas at the appropriate times. It is an essential aspect of this construction and the community’s full cooperation is needed to ensure the workers’ productivity and a positive finished work product.