Landscape Update 2017

The good news, our landscaping this past season has greatly benefited from well needed rain. Lots of vegetation that we thought was dead or threatened came back to life. The bad news is that we had excessive trimming of both the trees and bushes.

Those residents that came to the meetings, expressed their opinion were very disappointed that our landscaper recommended not to use mulch this past year. So the Board added a line item to our budget for mulch. Everyone can see by this budget that the cost of mulch is $13,000. This is the cost of the mulch and the labor to install. Now, the board is hearing the displeasure of increasing the budget. We can’t have it both ways. If the residents want the services then we need to pay for it. The Board works very diligently to acquire the best prices for the best service.

Again, I will repeat the understanding of our ownership. We must pay for the maintenance and services of 162 units and 23 acres of property. If you want your opinion heard then you must come to meetings and be involved in the decision making. Not just for Four Oaks but also the Master Assoc. Complaining amongst yourselves or even at a meeting is not the answer. The Board wants the residents to come to the board with solutions.

Our budget for everyday operating cost has not gone up. The Board has been able to negotiate contracts to maintain cost. However, the constant demand for more landscaping seems to be the ultimate complaint. We spend the most on landscaping than any other expense. $93,000 + water $20,000. =$113,000. or $700 per unit. The Board would like to reduce our costs, however landscaping is the most labor intensive service. So I am leaving this up to the residents as to what they think is the proper balance.

Carol Guttschall

2017 Meeting Dates

2017 Meeting Dates

REMINDER: There will be no December 2016 Meeting – the next Meeting will be Feburary 1, 2017.

Below please find our 2017 Meeting Dates.

Meetings occur on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Hills Village North Master Association Clubhouse. All Open Sessions begin at 6:00pm – Executive to follow if needed.

  • Jan – no meeting
  • Feb 1
  • March 1
  • April 5 – annual
  • May 3
  • June 7
  • July – no meeting
  • Aug 2
  • Sept 6 (4th labor day)
  • Oct 4
  • Nov 1
  • Dec – no meeting
Four Oaks PowerWashing Project: July 27 Start Date

Four Oaks PowerWashing Project: July 27 Start Date

 Rainbow G&J will be performing power washing for all units commencing the July 27, 2015 weather permitting

No patios/decks are included in this work. This maintenance item can be easily performed by owners.

Please take notice of work progress, in case you will be away for any length of time.

 It is important that all items are removed from the areas surrounding the structure (patios/decks) in order for the cleaning to be done. Be sure to have your windows, doors, and patio door tightly closed!!

Please set your items in a place so as not to prohibit the equipment and worker(s) to be able to maneuver around your unit.

You may see splatter on your door glass, or on your windows, though care will be taken so as not to have this happen. The contractor will take inventory and pictures of screens before work commences so as not to be held responsible for any damages you may report




Dates:                                    July 27, WEEK FOR SCHEDULED POWER WASHING PROJECT START

Hours:                                   8:004:30

Duration of Project:            21 DAYS, (POWERWASHING) WEATHER PERMITTING




Work will proceed from street to street. There are a lot of “nooks” & “crannies” at Four Oaks, so please be patient as they want to do a very thorough job.


Please keep a look out in your area to make sure you are prepared.

The contractor will place notices as they progress.


Thanks to each and every one of you, in helping to make this project a success.


  • Sometimes GFI outlets will trip and turn off due to water. This is what they are intended to do, please open the exterior outlet cap, and let it dry out.
  • In all things, Patience, Please. Projects can be inconvenient, but the results are always worth it! Thanks to one and all!!
Grillers Rejoice: Patio Expansions Allowed!

Grillers Rejoice: Patio Expansions Allowed!

Due to the stringent adherence required of all owners to not store or use LP Propane grills within 5 feet of any flammable structure (building, privacy wall, under over hang, etc.,) the Board has approved a modification whereby owners can expand their limited common element existing patios by installing grey concrete patio blocks to match closely with their patios. This will enable the grill to be used and stored on the extension.

Continue reading:  Patio Expansion for Grill Use 

Website Update: Hills Village North Master Association

Website Update: Hills Village North Master Association

Dear Hills Village North Residents:

Hills Village North Master Association is proud to announce the new and improved website at

To sign up, please go to the site and hit “Login Request Form”.  Once you are entered into the system you will receive an email with your user name and password.  After your initial sign in, you can edit your profile and change your username and password.  Please fill out as much information as possible or at minimum the name of which Neighborhood you reside in.

This website is helpful to both owners and tenants.  All of the Master Association forms and documents are included as well as minutes from monthly meetings and postings of events.

The goal is to give the residents of Hills Village North Master Association information on the community and to keep you all as up to date as possible.  Please visit the site often for updates and let us know what we can do to make it even better.

Moving forward, the Hills Village North Master Association Board of Trustees will communicate via e-mail notification from the website.