Bedminster – Election Poll Workers Needed !!

Bedminster – Election Poll Workers Needed !!

Bedminster needs residents to work the polls. They have had 6 people retire.

They offer $50 for training and $200 for the day of the election.

Contact Judy Sullivan at Bedminster Twp. Municipal Offices

  • Phone: 908-212-7000 ext 402/403
  • Email:

Landscape Update 2017

The good news, our landscaping this past season has greatly benefited from well needed rain. Lots of vegetation that we thought was dead or threatened came back to life. The bad news is that we had excessive trimming of both the trees and bushes.

Those residents that came to the meetings, expressed their opinion were very disappointed that our landscaper recommended not to use mulch this past year. So the Board added a line item to our budget for mulch. Everyone can see by this budget that the cost of mulch is $13,000. This is the cost of the mulch and the labor to install. Now, the board is hearing the displeasure of increasing the budget. We can’t have it both ways. If the residents want the services then we need to pay for it. The Board works very diligently to acquire the best prices for the best service.

Again, I will repeat the understanding of our ownership. We must pay for the maintenance and services of 162 units and 23 acres of property. If you want your opinion heard then you must come to meetings and be involved in the decision making. Not just for Four Oaks but also the Master Assoc. Complaining amongst yourselves or even at a meeting is not the answer. The Board wants the residents to come to the board with solutions.

Our budget for everyday operating cost has not gone up. The Board has been able to negotiate contracts to maintain cost. However, the constant demand for more landscaping seems to be the ultimate complaint. We spend the most on landscaping than any other expense. $93,000 + water $20,000. =$113,000. or $700 per unit. The Board would like to reduce our costs, however landscaping is the most labor intensive service. So I am leaving this up to the residents as to what they think is the proper balance.

Carol Guttschall

Correction: Call for Candidates

Correction: Call for Candidates


The Call For Candidates should read ONE (1) SEAT IS UP FOR ELECTION.

Ilene Deerfield has a longer term.

SO – When you get your official election mailing and ballot, you will see the change noting that THERE IS ONE (2) SEAT UP FOR ELECTION.

Thank you for your understanding & more importantly, your participation in making this a successful election.



14610875681_FighttheBiteFlyer.pdfSomerset County Mosquito Control monitors mosquito and tick activities from April to Mid-October and sprays accordingly in order to prevent mosquito and tick borne disease transmission.  You can sign up for e-mail alerts of spraying schedules and other information at the following:

Somerset County is holding “Fight the Bite” meetings to explain how to protect you and your family from mosquitos and ticks.  The meeting in our area is Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at The Clarence Dillon Public Library, 2336 Lamington Road, Bedminster, New Jersey.

Additional meeting dates and locations noted. These meetings are free to the public.

View the complete Fight the Bite flyer here!

The votes are in! 2015 Holiday Decorations..

The votes are in! 2015 Holiday Decorations..

Based on the voting and remarks from the Trustees the following residents were acknowledged for their Holiday Decorations and/or wreathes.


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped to make Four Oaks festive and joyful for residents and guests alike!!

21 Oak Knoll
8 Heatherwood
22 Oak Knoll
48 Oak Knoll
30 Oak Knoll

Holiday Decorations!


Let’s not rush the season please!!


Red light, Green light, Go, at this time of year is a children’s game.

The day AFTER Thanksgiving red light, green light are decorations.

PLEASE don’t rush the season. Holiday Decorations, lights, colored

Light fixture bulbs are not allowed until after Thanksgiving and all

Decorations must be removed by January 15th.

(if you have changed bulbs, please do not light them, or put the

regular bulbs back in until it’s the Season to be Jolly)christmas_lights22 (Small)


Back by popular demand, there will be prizes awarded for the Best Outdoor Display and for the Best Wreath!

  • Decorations may be installed no earlier than Thanksgiving Day and must be removed no later than January 15th.
  • Decorations are to be limited to one’s own unit as follows:

A units – deck area, walkway & entry door, shrubbery adjacent to walkway.

B, C and D units – entryway & door, patios, shrubbery adjacent to patio or walkway.

  • Outdoor holiday lights should not be installed if electrical cords interfere with common walkway paths (paved or unpaved) or lawns (i.e. power lines or extension cords should not run across lawns to exterior bushes or trees.)
  • Christmas trees may be discarded if stripped in their entirety of all lights and decorations (tinsel permitted). Trees are to be placed outside your unit on trash pick up days. The trash collector will remove them if there is room, or will make special trips for mass pick up if necessary.

NOTE:  If walkways are shared, all owners must agree before decorations are installed.  Under no circumstances are any decorations to be mounted on or attached to the vinyl siding of the building.  If you are in violation, repairs for any damages caused, will be assessed to the individual unit owner.

Judges will walk the site to look at Wreaths,

and an evening will be announced for outdoor display.

christmas_lights22 (Small)christmas_lights22 (Small)christmas_lights22 (Small)

We hope you will join in the make the season merry and bright

 for all Four Oaks residents and guests to enjoy!