With storms that have caused power outages, generators are being considered by more and more people. Please be advised that in accordance with NJ Uniform Fire Code and the International Fuel Gas Code NJ Edition, NO FUEL (gas or propane) GENERATORS are allowed in Four Oaks. Permitted for use in multi-dwelling units are PERMANENTLY INSTALLED NATURAL GAS GENERATORS – ONLY. The requirement is for a natural gas line installation which may not be housed on the common property or in any garage. For specific information, contact the Township Construction Department. Any Township fines associated with running a fuel generator will be assessed to the owner of the unit cited, as well as a fine from Association to be levied on the unit owner account.

The board wants this added to the rules and Regs section as well:

Fuel Generators are strictly prohibited pursuant to the NJ Uniform Fire Code. Permanently installed natural gas generators are permitted but may not be installed on common property or in garages. Owners are responsible for obtaining permits for the installation from the Township as well as submitting the plans and permits to the Board of Trustees via a Property Modification form for review and approval prior to installation.